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This is the first iPhone app that actually helps dentists practice real clinical dentistry. It is being used in two dozen countries on six continents worldwide.

This handy utility helps dentists, dental students, dental ceramists and lab technicians save valuable time.

The application quickly analyzes a patient’s existing tooth width to length ratio. It rapidly calculates the ideal dimensions of the maxillary anterior teeth based on well-established cosmetic dentistry principles.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Calculator provides a wonderful starting point for aesthetic case planning. It’s a useful diagnostic tool and can be used chairside as an aid during patient consultations.

The included “Smile Design Checklist” lists objective guidelines to help develop a beautiful, natural looking smile.




The application window has a tab bar on the bottom which allows you to choose the different features.

Cosmetic Dentistry Existing Tooth Width Length Analyzer


The “Ideal Ratio” calculator uses phi, also known as the golden proportion, to instantly predict the ideal width for the maxillary anterior teeth that is sure to be visually pleasing. No more measuring with graph paper or using expensive calipers.


The ideal length is based on an 80% width to length proportion for the central incisor. The lengths of the canine and lateral incisors are fixed relative to the central incisor.


It should be noted that the length calculations assume an ideal placement of the gingival margin.




Cosmetic Dentistry Ideal Smile Width Length




The “Existing Ratio” calculator automatically computes the current width to length percentage of one or both maxillary central incisors.
It displays the results in a clear way that is illustrated graphically so patients can visualize any discrepancy.


This feature can be useful chairside when discussing treatment options.

Smile Design Checklist



There is so much more to a great smile than brighter teeth. A great smile needs to have healthy looking gums and should be in harmony with the rest of the face.


The Smile Design Checklist is a convenient reference tool. It lists some subtle, but often overlooked cosmetic principles.


These esthetic guidelines can help make sure that your patient’s  new smiles look natural and beautiful.


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