Green Dentistry / Environmentally Responsible Eco-Dentistry

Nature is beautiful. Dr. Plitt is an advocate of green dentistry, also known as eco-dentistry. He offers the latest technology and techniques to provide environmentally responsible dental care. Listed below are some measures his Miami Beach office takes to ensure healthier choices for patients and a lighter environmental footprint:

Dental Material Safety

We are a mercury-free office. We also offer no BPA composite resin restorations. Visit our dental material safety page for more information specific to health concerns from dental fillings.

Waste Reduction

Digital radiographs (X-Rays): Computerized images means no lead foil packet to throw away and a total elimination of hazardous photographic chemicals.

Electronic record keeping and dental charting means significantly less paper is wasted.

Patient correspondence is offered by email & text messages for those who prefer.

Energy Conservation

The digital radiographs we use in our dental practice use 1/10th of the electricity and exposure dose vs. traditional x-rays. Visit our dental x-ray safety page for more information dental radiation exposure.

The fluorescent lights in our treatment rooms use 40% less electricity than regular fluorescent lights. They are also color corrected to provide a more natural color of light, which helps to accurately match the shade of your beautiful new smile makeover!

Water Conservation

Water in Miami, Miami Beach, and all of South Florida is a precious resource. Our office has installed a low flow dental vacuum system that uses significantly less water.

Pollution Prevention

We use a steam autoclave to sterilize our instruments. The high temperature and pressure fully sterilize without using any harsh poisons or chemicals.

Our “lead aprons” are not lead. They are shielded with a composite blend of non-toxic metals that offer equivalent protection, but are 40% lighter and much safer for the environment than lead.


Sustainability of the environment was a key factor when designing the office. The window treatments and flooring are bamboo and our furniture in the waiting room is wicker. You will not have much time to enjoy our selection of magazines or sit on the comfortable chairs for too long because we believe strongly that time is one of our most precious resources. We are careful to schedule only one patient at a time.

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