Pregnant Dental Care / Maternity Dentistry:

Dentistry during pregnancy
Dental care during the prenatal and perinatal period is of critical importance to both mother and baby.

Pregnancy Gingivitis has been linked to pre-term birth, low-birth weight babies & gestational diabetes. Taking care of your teeth during pregnancy is important for both mom & baby. Every expectant mother should receive a comprehensive oral health evaluation from a dentist as early as possible during pregnancy.

The 2010 Evidence-Based Guidelines for Oral Health During Pregnancy states:

“Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, including needed dental radiographs and use of local anesthesia, are highly beneficial and can be undertaken during pregnancy with no additional fetal or maternal risk when compared to the risk of not providing care. Good oral health and control of oral disease protects a woman’s health and quality of life and has the potential to reduce the transmission of pathogenic bacteria from mothers to their children.”

Dr. Plitt follows the consensus recommendations of the leading Dental Associations, as well as the American Pregnancy Association, the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, and the American College of Radiology.

We have a professional working relationship with many obstetricians in Miami and Miami Beach and will always be happy to consult and ensure that any needed maternal dental care is as safe as possible.

Dental X-rays during pregnancy

Our patients’ safety is our first priority.

If needed, X-rays taken while pregnant should be ELDDR, or Extremely Low Dose Digital Radiography.
Exposure amounts are so negligible that lead shielding is optional for non-maternity patients. Pregnant patients need only use the standard lead abdomen shield and thyroid collar.
For more details visit our Dental X-Ray Safety Page.

Prenatal Dental Care Package
To help encourage safe dental work while pregnant, we provide all of our expecting mothers with a package which includes:
•Exam & Cleaning
•Instructions on caring for teeth during pregnancy & caring for baby’s teeth
•Information on which analgesics, antibiotics, and anesthetics are indicated during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
•Dental gift pack for baby
•Free first dental visit for baby

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