Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening, when done properly, is a safe and effective way to get a bright and healthy smile.

Over-the-counter whitening systems are limited in their effectiveness by the strength of their whitening gel. These types of kits use a one-size-fits-all approach which may not work well for those with sensitive teeth, crowded teeth, receding gums, or other dental issues.

Dr. Plitt offers patients both at-home bleaching with custom-made dental trays and quick, in-office power bleaching.

Custom bleaching trays allow patients to whiten their teeth at home, in a safe and cost-effective manner. Depending on an individual’s sensitivity, Dr. Plitt offers a variety of whitening materials that work in as little as 3 minutes-a-day, to overnight usage. Patients typically use the trays for a 14 day course.

For those who want even speedier results, we offer Zoom Whitening in our Miami Beach Office. All in-office bleaching systems requires the use of powerful chemicals that need to be handled properly and professionally. Although it may be permitted by Florida state law to delegate whitening to a non-professional, our whitening is administered carefully by the dentist himself.


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